Missa Caput

Guillaume Dufay - Missa Caput
Ambrosian Singers - Denis Stevens, dir.
L'Oiseau-lyre OL 50069 [LP, 25cm]
L'Oiseau-lyre (France) OLLD 79 [LP, mono, 25cm]


    Guillaume Dufay (formerly attributed, now Anon.)
  1. Missa "Caput"

  2. ----
  3. Missa "Caput"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1955 or prior];
Rel.: 1955

Ambrosian Singers (aka St. Antoine Choir / La Maîtrise Saint-Antoine) - Denis Stevens, dir. with J. Whelan (trombone)

Information from from Bn-Opale plus and WERM (3rd suppl.). It is also listed in Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-Playing (p. 51) as OLLD 75, but probably a misprint.

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