Dowland: Consort Music

Dowland: Consort Music
Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
L'Oiseau Lyre 533 [LP]


  1. Lachrimae pavan
  2. Can she excuse galliard
  3. Captain Piper's pavan and galliard
  4. Frog galliard
  5. Round battell galliard
  6. Fortune my foe
  7. Dowland's first galliard
  8. Katherine Darcie's galliard
  9. Tarleton's jigge
  10. Alman a 2
  11. Mistress Nichols alman a 2
  12. Susanna fair galliard
  13. Mistress Nichols alman a 5
  14. M. John Langton pavan and galliard
  15. La mia Barbara pavan and galliard
  16. Mistress Nichols Alman
  17. Volta a 4
  18. Were every thought an eye
  19. Lady if you so spite me
  20. Pavan a 4

Production date: 1977

Information from Berkeley catalog.

Notes on container: "all the known consort music which can be ascribed to Dowland, other than his Lachrimae."

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