Dowland: A musicall banquet

Robert Dowland: A musicall banquet
Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
L'Oiseau Lyre 555 [LP]


  1. Holborne: My heavy sprite, oppress'd with sorrow's might
  2. R. Martin: Change thy mind since she doth change
  3. R. Hales: O eyes, leave off weeping
  4. Anon: Go, my flock, go get you hence
  5. Anon: O dear life, when shall it be?
  6. D. Batchelar: To plead my faith
  7. G. Tessier: In a grove most rich of shade
  8. Dowland: Far from triumphing court
  9. Dowland: Lady, if you spite me
  10. Dowland: In darkness let me dwell
  11. Guédron: Si le parler et le silence
  12. Guédron: Ce penser qui sans fin tirannise ma vie
  13. Guédron: Vous que le Bonheur rappelle
  14. Anon: Passava Amor su arco desarmado
  15. Anon: Sta notte mi sognava
  16. Anon: Vuestros ojos tienen d'Amor
  17. D.M. Megli: Se di farmi morire?
  18. G.C.D. Romano: Dovro dunque morire?
  19. G.C.D. Romano: Amarilli mia bella
  20. Anon: O bella piu

Playing time: 65'

Production date: 1979

Information from Berkeley catalog.

This is a collection made by Robert Dowland, from various authors as noted. The Dowland above is John Dowland. Notes on container: "A musicall banquet furnished with varietie of delicious Ayres, collected out of the best Authors in English, French, Spanish and Italian." (1610)

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