Anthony Holborne: Pavans & Galliards 1599

Anthony Holborne: Pavans & Galliards 1599
w/ Selected Pieces
The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley, dir.
L'Oiseau-Lyre "Florilegium" DSLO 569-1 [LP]


    Anthony Holborne (?-1602)
  1. Pavan
  2. Heres Paternus
    Muy Linda
  3. Infernum
  4. Paradizo
    The Sighes

  5. ---------
  6. The Imageof Melancholly
    Ecce Quam bonum
  7. Pavana Ploravit
    Sic semper soleo
  8. The Funerals
  9. Almayne
    The Honiesuckle
    As it fell on a holie eve
    Heigh ho holiday

Playing time: 42'38"

Performer: The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley & Trevor Jones, dirs.
[Monical Huggett (violin), Polly Waterfield (alto viola), Trevor Jones (tenor viola, treble viol), Mark Caudle (tenor violin), Richard Webb (bass violin), Alison Crum (tenor viol), Oliver Hirsh (bass viol), Gregor Anthony (bass viol), Piet Stryckers (great double bass viol), Alan Wilson (virginal), Anthony Rooley (lute)] Guildhall Waits [Jeremy West (cornett), Jonathan Morgan (tenor cornett), Andrew Watts (curtal), Paul Niemann (tenor sackbut), Martin Pope (tenor sackbut)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [1980 or prior]

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