Amorous Dialogues

Amorous Dialogues
The Consort of Musicke
L'Oiseau-Lyre "Florilegium" DSLO 587-1 [LP]


    John Bartlet
  1. Whither runneth my sweetheart?

  2. Alfonso Ferrabosco
  3. Fayre cruell Nimph

  4. Alfonso Ferrabosco
  5. Tell me, O love

  6. Thomas Morley
  7. Who is it that this dark night?

  8. Thomas Ford
  9. Shut not sweet breast

  10. Henry Lawes
  11. A dialogue on a kisse: Among thy fancies

  12. Henry Lawes
  13. A dialogue betwixt time and a pilgrime: Aged man that moves these fields

  14. ---------
    Marco da Gagliano
  15. Bel pastor

  16. Sigismondo d'India
  17. Da l'onde del mioi pianto

  18. Benedetto Ferrari
  19. Dialogo a due, Fileno e Lidia: Amar io ti consiglio

  20. Benedetto Ferrari
  21. Amanti io vi so

  22. Nicolo Fontei
  23. Dio ti salvi, pastor

  24. Claudio Monteverdi
  25. Bel pastor

Playing time: 54:00

Performer: The Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley, dir.
[Emma Kirkby (soprano), Judith Nelson (soprano), Trevor Jones (bass viol), Alison Crum (bass viol), Anthony Rooley, lute)]

Recording site and date: Unknown [1980 or prior]

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Jon Stringer