Wilbye: Madrigals

Wilbye: Madrigals
Selections from the First set of madrigals (1598) and from the Second set of madrigals (1609)
Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley
L'Oiseau Lyre 597 (LP)

Reissued in collection "The Silver Swan: English Madrigals" Decca 458 093 (2 CDs)


    First set of madrigals, 1598

  1. Weep O mine eyes
  2. Lady when I behold
  3. Thus saith my Cloris bright
  4. Adieu sweet Amarillis
  5. Die hapless man
  6. Lady, your words do spite me
  7. Alas, what a wretched life
  8. Lady, when I behold
  9. When shall my wretched life
  10. Of joys and pleasing pains (the first part)
  11. My throat is sore (the second part)
  12. Cruel behold my heavy ending
  13. Thou art but young thou say'st
  14. Why dost thou shoot?
  15. Second set of madrigals, 1609

  16. Sweet honey sucking bees (the first part)
  17. Yes sweet, take heed (the second part)
  18. Ye that do live in pleasures
  19. O wretched man
  20. Ah cannot sights, nor tears
  21. Draw on sweet night
  22. Stay, Corydon, thou swain
  23. Softly, O softly, drop my eyes

Performers: Emma Kirkby (soprano), Poppy Holden (soprano), Jacqueline Fox (mezzo-soprano), Evelyn Tubb (mezzo-soprano), Cathy Cass (alto), Mary Nichols (alto), Joseph Cornwell (tenor), Andrew King (tenor), John Milne (bass), Francis Steele (bass), Richard Wistreich (bass), Trevor Jones (viol), Alison Crum (viol), Peter Trent (viol), Piet Stryckers (viol), Oliver Hirsh (bass)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: March 1981

John Wilbye (1574-1638) was one of the most important English madrigal composers. He wrote madrigals almost exclusively, including some of the most famous examples of the genre in England.

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