Three sisters on the seashore

Three sisters on the seashore
Songs from the thirteenth century
Lunadisc LUN 333 [CD]
Glossa GCD 920704


    Snub nose, have pity on your lover

  1. Motet: Volez oyer / Volez oyer / Volez oyer
  2. Look out! There she is

  3. Motet: Bele Aelis par matin / Haro, haro / Flos filius
  4. She's given me her lover

  5. Motet: En mai / ne (In May)
  6. Carole: C'est la jus (She's given me her love)
  7. Que ferai (The glance of her green eyes kills me)
  8. Motet: C'est la jus / Pro (She's given me her love)
  9. Motet: J'ai les maus / Que fera / In seculum (The pains of love)
  10. Struck down by love

  11. Motet: Nouvele amor (New Love)
  12. Motet: Nouvele amor / Haute amor / E! Dame jolie (Struck down by love)
  13. Chanson E! Dame jolie (Hey, beautiful lady)
  14. When I see winter coming

  15. Motet: La plus bele / Pacem (I send this song to you)
  16. Motet: Mainte dame / Han (Many a lady)
  17. Motet: Quant voi yver / Au douz / Hodie perlustravit
  18. Motet: Ne m'oubliez pas / Domino (Don't forget me)
  19. Motet: Quant voi yver (When I see winter)
  20. Down in the meadow

  21. Motet: J'ai mon cuer / Letabitur (I have abandoned my heart)
  22. Motet: Je n'ert nus / Justus (Lost without love)
  23. Motet: Bien doit joie / In Domino (The lady that he longs for)
  24. Carole: J'ai mon cuer (I have abandoned my heart)
  25. Carole: Je n'ert nus (Lost without love)
  26. Carole: Bien doit joie (The lady that he longs for)
  27. I don't want a husband

  28. Estampie
  29. Motet: Li savours / Li grant desirs / No vul maris
  30. Estampie
  31. Chanson: Avant hier (Cry out against stupid oafs)
  32. The jealous are thrashed

  33. Motet: Tuit cil / Li jalous / (propter) Veritatem (The jealous)
  34. Carole: Tuit cil (All those who are in love)
  35. To soothe my aching heart

  36. Motet: Por Conforter
  37. Isabel

  38. Bele Ysabelos (Isabel has killed me)
  39. Motet: Entre Copin / Je me cuidoie / Bele Ysabelos (I thought I'd never sing again)
  40. Motet: Un chant renvoisier / De cantatum (Ease my pain)
  41. Three sisters on the seashore

  42. Motet: Trois sereurs / Trois sereurs / Trois sereurs / Perlustravit
  43. Azeriez

    Stevie Wishart after Hildegard von Bingen
  44. Azeriez

Playing time: 57' 46"

Sinfonye [Vivien Ellis (vocals), Jocelyn West (vocals), Stevie Wishart (vocals, medieval fiddle, hurdy-gurdy)]

Recording site and date:
St. Andrew's Church, Toddington, England [1995]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Goldberg (#-p.): 15-102 (fall 2001)

Information from owned CD. I must confess that I can describe listening to that CD as a very pleasing experience; voices are superb.

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