Catch that catch can sound

Catch that catch can sound
New York Catch Club - Saville Clark, cond.
Expériences Anonymes EA-0312 [LP-Mono]


    John Blow:
  1. The queen's health (God preserve his Majesty)

  2. Henry Purcell:
  3. Pox on you for a fop

  4. Henry Purcell, attr.:
  5. Tom the taylor

  6. Michael Wise:
  7. Counsel for married folks

  8. John Church:
  9. Poor Owen for a while did lye
  10. This follows Poor Owen (Where they drank their wine in bowls)

  11. Samuell Ackeroyd:
  12. Tinking Tom was an honest man

  13. Edward Mulso:
  14. The amorous parley

  15. Henry Purcell:
  16. At the close of the evening

  17. Henry Purcell: Bonduca
  18. Jack thou'rt a toper

  19. Giovanni Baptista Marella:
  20. A catch of catches

  21. Anon.:
  22. A chiding catch

  23. William Lawes:
  24. Drink tonight of the moonshine bright
  25. See how in gathering of their May.

  26. Mr. Willis:
  27. Here Tom, here's a health

  28. John Isham:
  29. When Celia was learning on the spinnet

  30. Henry Purcell:
  31. Health to the nut-brown lass

Playing time: ??' ??"

Performers: New York Catch Club - Saville Clark, conductor.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1958 or prior]

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33 r.p.m.:This is the original 33 r.p.m., mono, 30 cm release.; it was also later released in stereo (from original stereo tape) Musical Heritage Society MHS 690S (music of the 16th & 17th centuries, vol. 8).
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CD: none

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Information from IUCAT, Ms. Stella Besse and Mr Nick Fritsch

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