Music of the Middle Ages to Pre-Baroque

A History of Music from Middle Ages to the Pre-Baroque
Collegium Musicum, Krefeld - Robert Haas, dir.
Lyrichord LL 147 [LPx3, stereo]


    This is a boxed set that contains 3 previously released LPs
  1. Lyrichord LLST 785 [LP, stereo] - Music of the Middle Ages
  2. Lyrichord LLST 786 [LP, stereo] - Music of the Renaissance
  3. Lyrichord LLST 7109 [LP, stereo] - Music of the Pre-Baroque, from Josquin Des Pres to the end of the 16th Century

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The interpretation by Collegium Musicum, Krefeld of the Pre-Baroque LP is doubtful. There was no interpret stated on the original LP but the boxed set leaflet leads us to believe that all three LPs in the box are from this group.

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Pierre-F. Roberge