Sweet flute - the history of recorder music

Sweet flute - the history of recorder music
Pro Arte Recorder Ensemble & Conjunto Pro Arte de Flautas Dulces.
Lyrichord 7280 [LP]


    Alfonso el Sabio (attr.):.
  1. Cantiga 48: Tanto son da Groriosa seus feitos mui piadosos (instr.)
  2. Cantiga 59: Quena Virgen ben servir (instr.)

  3. Anon.:
  4. Seventh royal estampe
  5. Le ductia
  6. Saltarello

  7. Josquin Depres:
  8. Canzona La bernardina

  9. Jacques Modene:
  10. Fantasia

  11. Thomas Weelkes:
  12. Fantasia for 2 basses

  13. Henry VIII:
  14. If love now reigned
  15. En vray amoure

  16. Manuel Ponce:
  17. Torre de la nina

  18. Anon.:
  19. Men naranjedo

  20. Claude Gervaise:
  21. Pavane et gallarda

  22. Antony Holborne:
  23. A. Suite

  24. Jan Jacob Van Eyck:
  25. Boffons

  26. G. Finer:
  27. Variation on a figured bass

  28. Benedetto Marcello
  29. Sonata in D minor

  30. E. Alemann:
  31. Tensiones
  32. A la sombra del bananero

  33. H.U. Staeps:
  34. Four dances

  35. R. Borough:
  36. Eons ago blue.

Playing time: ??' ??"

Pro Arte Recorder Ensemble in part with harpsichord, viola da gamba, and percussion & Conjunto Pro Arte de Flautas Dulces.

Recording site and date:
Unknown, [1980 or prior]; originally produced by Qualiton

Re-issue: none

Compilation: none

Excerpts: none

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