Russell Oberlin: Notre Dame Organa (Leoninus - Perotinus)

Notre Dame Organa - Leoninus and Perotinus Magister (The Twelfth Century)
Russell Oberlin - Charles Bressler - Donald Perry - Seymour Barab
Expériences Anonymes EA/EAS-0021 [LP, Mono/Stereo]
Lyrichord Expériences Anonymes EAS-0021 [LP, Stereo]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 676 [LP]
Ars Nova VST-609? [LP. Stereo, Italy]
Lyrichord Early Music Series LEMS 8002 [CD]


  1. Viderunt omnes
  2. Alleluya, epulemur in azimis
  3. Propter veritatem
  4. Gaude Maria

  5. ----
    Perotinus Magister:
  6. Alleluya, nativitas
  7. Sederunt principes

Playing time: 49' 19"

Performers: Russell Oberlin (countertenor), Charles Bressler (Tenor), Donald Perry (tenor), Seymour Barab (viol)

Recording site and date:
Esoteric Sound Studios, New-York City, NY, USA [1958 or prior]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 18/1-407 (september/october 1994)

Information from owned recordings (Lyrichord LP & CD). It was the second volume of a serie of nine "Music of the Middle Ages, vol. II"

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