Istanpitta - Medieval Dances

A Medieval Dance Band, Vol. 1
New York's Ensemble for Early Music - Frederick Renz
Lyrichord 8016


  1. Salterello II / Trotto (2 bagpipes, shawm, frame drum, tambourine)
  2. Parlamento (lute, dulcimer, harp, psaltery, vielle)
  3. Salterello IV (2 vielles, rebec, lute, harp, string drum, dumbek)
  4. Chominciamento di gioia (3 recorders, 2 vielles, rebec, organistrum, 2 tambourines)
  5. La Manfredina / La rotta (4 flutes, vielles, tambourine)
  6. Tre fontane (flute, 2 gemshorns)
  7. Salterello I (3 bagpipes, 2 vielles, rebec, organistrum, frame drum, tambourine)
  8. Isabella (rebec, 2 vielles)
  9. Lamento di Tristano / La rotta (2 vielles, rebec, dumbek, tambourine)
  10. In Pro (3 shawms, frame drums, tambourine)
  11. Salterello III (5 three-hole pipes, 4 Jaws Harps)

Performers: Wayne Hankins (bagpipes, shawm, flutes), Karen Hansen (rebec, psaltery, pipe), Rosamund Morley (vielle), Patricia Ann Neely (vielle), Christa Patton (flutes, shawms, bagpipe, harp), Paul Shipper (lute, flutes, hand drums), Frederick Renz (clavicytherium, organistrum), Thomas Zajac (shawm, bagpipes, flutes, dulcimer), Glen Velez (frame drums)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: November 1994

This recording presents a nice selection of the dance music of 14th Century Italy, played on a variety of instruments. The liner notes are especially informative with regard to the corpus of surviving medieval dance music.

Although perhaps not as easily available outside of the US, this is the most dynamic & energetic performance of these pieces available. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the medieval dance repertory.

The second volume of this series:

Istanpitta! II
w/ French & English Estampies of the 13th century
New York's Ensemble for Early Music - Frederick Renz
Lyrichord 8022

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