Liebert: Mass c.1430

Echoes of Jeanne d'Arc
Reginaldus Liebert: Missa De Beata Virgine
Schola Discantus - Kevin Moll
Lyrichord 8025


  1. Introitus - Salve santa parens
  2. Kyrie
  3. Gloria
  4. Graduale - Benedicta et venerabilis
  5. Alleluia / Verse - Ora pro nobis
  6. Prosa - Ave, mundi gaudium
  7. Credo
  8. Offertorium - Ave Maria
  9. Sanctus
  10. Agnus Dei
  11. Communio - Beata viscera
  12. Ite missa est
  13. Kyrie à 4

Performers: Ken Fitch, Elizabeth Bouthitt, Melanie Frost, Perry Cook, Neal Rogers

Playing time: 48'

Recording date: July-August 1995

This Missa De beata Virgine dates from c.1430 and shows something of a summation for the three-voice counterpoint of the time. Unusually, it is based largely on a cantus firmus in the top voice, with the harmonic setting altered by the surrounding voice. The setting is completely polyphonic for both Ordinary & Propers.

Nothing is known of Reginaldus Liebert aside from his existence at Cambrai in 1424, and this surviving mass along with a Kyrie (track #13) and two chansons.

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Todd M. McComb