Hugues Cuénod - Vol. 5

Hugues Cuénod - Vol. 5
Airs de Montéverdi et Dowland
H. Cuénod et al.
Lys 202 [CD]


    Claudio Monteverdi: Airs et Madrigaux
  1. Ecco di dolci raggi
  2. Quel sguardo sdegnosetto
  3. Ohimè ch'io cado
  4. Si dolce è il tormento
  5. Lettera amorosa

  6. John Dowland: Airs et Danses
  7. Come away, come sweet love
  8. Weep you no more, sad fountains
  9. Almain: Say, love, if ever thou did'st find (instr.)
  10. White as Lilies was her face
  11. Galliard: Can she excuse (instr.)
  12. Orlando sleepeth (instr.)
  13. Awake sweet love
  14. Mistress Winter's jump (instr.)
  15. Mr. Henry Noel's galliard (instr.)
  16. Stay, time, awhile thy flying
  17. Almain: Think'st thou then by thy feigning (instr.)
  18. What if I never speed
  19. Fine knacks for ladies
  20. Mrs. White's thing (instr.)
  21. Come again
  22. Fortune my foe
  23. Sorrow, stay
  24. Robin is to the greenwood gone (instr.)
  25. Farewell, unkind (instr.)
  26. Now, oh now
  27. The frog galliard (instr.)
  28. When Phoebus first did Daphne love

Playing time: 71' 10"

[1]-[5] Hugues Cuénod (tenor), Daniel Pinkham (harpsichord), Judith Davidoff (viola da gamba), Robert Brink (violin)
[6]-[27] Hugues Cuénod (tenor), Joel Cohen (lute), Christianne Jaccottet (virginal)

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Excerpts (from original release):
[1]-[5] Music Guild M 27 [LP] Monteverdi: Secular vocal works
[6]-[27] Vox Turnabout TVS 34510 [LP] Songs and dances of John Dowland

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