Glenn Gould: Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach: Cantata BWV 54, Overture BWV 831, Fugue BWV 552, Concerto BMV 1052 & 1054
Glenn Gould, Russell Oberlin and others
Music And Arts 654


    Johann Sebastian Bach:
  1. Cantatata BWV 54: Widerstehe doch der Sünde
  2. Overture (Partita) in the French style in B minor
  3. Fugue in E flat (St Ann)
  4. Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings in D minor
  5. Concerto for Harpsichord and Strings in D

Playing time: ??' ??"

Performers: [1] Russell Oberlin (countertenor), Glenn Gould (conductor, harpsipiano)
[2]-[5] Glenn Gould and other artists

Recording site and date:
[1] Unknown [1962 or prior]
[2]-[5] Unknown

Other releases:
Due to the lack of information on this CD, it impossible to ascertain the precise origin of each pieces; the cantata recording may be the same as the one appearing on the Video Sony SHV 48408 The Glenn Gould Collection, vol. V - The conductor

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