Adam Michna of Otradovic

Adam Michna of Otradovic
Vachulka, Prague Collegium Musicum- Nemec, dir.
Supraphon "Musicae Bohemicae Anthologia" MBA 13010 [78rpm, 30cm]


    Adam Michna of Otradovic: Mass in honour of St. Wenceslas
  1. Credo

  2. ----
  3. Credo

Playing time: ??' ??"

Ladislav Vachulka (organ), Prague Church Music Society Chorus, Prague Collegium Musicum, Orchestra - Vl. Nemec, choirmaster.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1948 or prior]

Information Bn-Opale plus. This is part of a large collection of Czech Music (50, 78rpms) under the artistic direction of Dr. Ladislav Vachulka.

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