Missa sancti iacobi

Missa sancti iacobi
Solemn mass for the feast of the passion of Saint James of Compostella according to the Codex Calixtinus c. 1140
Choeur Le Feu de Jésu
McGill 750 0037-2


    Anon., Codex Calixtinus, fol 132v-133r:
  1. Versus ante Introitus

  2. Anon., Codex Calixtinus, fol 133v & 118r:
  3. (Introitus)

  4. Fulbertus episcopus Kartonensis (Chartres) (attr.), Codex Calixtinus fol 189r-134r:
  5. (Kyrie)

  6. Fulbertus episcopus Kartonensis (Chartres), Codex Calixtinus fol 134v: Missa Sancti Iacobi
  7. Gloria

  8. Anon., Codex Calixtinus fol 118v:
  9. Oratio

  10. Fulbertus episcopus Kartonensis (Chartres), Codex Calixtinus fol 135v:
  11. Epistola

  12. Ato prefatus Lucas (attr.), Codex Calixtinus fol 189r & 119r:
  13. (Graduale)

  14. Magister Goslenus episcopus Suessionis (Soissons) (attr.), Codex Calixtinus fol 189v & 119v:
  15. Alleluia Marcus

  16. Pope Calixt, Codex Calixtinus fol 119v:
  17. Prosa S. iacobi

  18. S. Fortunato (ed.), Codex Calixtinus fol 132:
  19. Conductus Sancti Iacobi

  20. Anon., Codex Calixtinus fol 121r:
  21. Evangelium:

  22. Anon., Codex Calixtinus fol 121v:
  23. Secreta:
  24. Prefacio

  25. Anon., Codex Calixtinus fol 138r:
  26. Sanctus

  27. Anon. & Fulbertus episcopus Kartonensis (Chartres), Codex Calixtinus fol 138v & 139r:
  28. Agnus Dei

  29. Anon., Codex Calixtinus fol 122r:
  30. Communio Marcus:
  31. Post Communio

  32. Magister Albertus Parisiensis, Codex Calixtinus fol 185:
  33. Benedicamus Domino

  34. Anon., Codex Calixtinus fol 116v:
  35. Versus Calixti pape cantandi ad processionem S. Iacobi

Playing time: 73' 31"

Performers: Desmond Byrne (priest), Duncan Campbell (lector), Louis-Marie Gallant (a/lector), Peter Butterfield (first cantor), Benjamin Butterfield (second cantor), Sebastian Halmer (soprano) & Choir "Le Feu de Jésu" [André Vallée (tenor), Robert Torr (tenor), Paul Moore (tenor), Michiel Schrey (tenor), Michael Williams (baritone), Richard Gardner (baritone), Louis-Marie Gallant (baritone), Tom Kabuga (soprano), Joseph Baugniet (soprano), Rolf Brabander (soprano), Sebastian Helmer (soprano)]

Recording site and date:
Église du Gésu, Montreal, Quebec, Canada [01/1990]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

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