Byrd: Songs and Sonnets

Songs and Sonnets
Music for Voice and Viols by William Byrd
Rachel Platt / Concordia - Mark Levy
Meridian 84271


  1. O you that hear this voice
  2. In nomine a5 no. 2
  3. Constant Penelope
  4. Though Amaryllis dance in green
  5. In Nomine a5 no. 3
  6. Quis me statim
  7. Though I be Browne
  8. In Nomine a5 no. 4
  9. My mistress had a little dog
  10. Ye sacred muses
  11. In nomine a5 no. 5
  12. Content is rich
  13. Fantasy a5
  14. O God that guides the cheerful sun

Playing time: 61'

Release date: 1993

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Todd M. McComb