The Romantic Englishman

The Romantic Englishman
The Hilliard Ensemble
Meridian 77002 [LP]
Meridian Duo 89009 [CD]


  1. Reginald Spofforth: Hail! smiling morn!
  2. T F Walmisley: Music, all powerful
  3. Samuel Webbe: Discord, Dire Sister
  4. William Horsley: Come, gentle zephyr
  5. John Goss: List! for the breeze
  6. William Beale: Come let us join the roundelay
  7. Jonathan Battishill: Sylvia blushes when I woo her
  8. Thomas Phillips: Crows in a Cornfield
  9. John Hatton: When ev'ning's twilight
  10. Henry Bishop, arr Geoffrey Bush: By the simplicity of Venus' Doves
  11. Hubert Parry: Love wakes
  12. John Stainer: Cupid look about thee
  13. Julius Benedict: The Moon has raised her lamp above
  14. R L de Pearsall: There is a paradise on earth
  15. W Sterndale Bennett: Come live with me
  16. J L Molloy: Tomorrow will be Friday
  17. Arthur Sullivan: The long day closes

Performers: David James (countertenor), Paul Elliott (tenor), Leigh Nixon (tenor), Paul Hillier (bass); Lena-Liis Kiesel (piano)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: August 1977

Information from Shawn T. Mann.

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Todd M. McComb