Compère: Mass, Motets, Songs

Loyset Compère
Mass, Motets, Songs
Orlando Consort
Metronome 1002


  1. Motet: Omnium bonorum plena
  2. Chanson: Se j'ay parlé
  3. Chanson: Seray je vostre mieulx amée
  4. Motet: Ave Maria
  5. Chanson: Alons fere nos barbes
  6. Chanson: Ne vous hastez pas
  7. Motet: Asperges me, Domine
  8. Frottola: Che fa la ramacina
  9. Frottola: Scaramella
  10. Missa in Nativitate Deus Noster Jesu Christe
    1. Introitus - Hodie nobis de Virgine Christus
    2. Gloria - Beata Dei Genitrix Maria
    3. Credo - Hodie nobis Christus natus est
    4. Offertorii - Genuit puerpera Regum
    5. Sanctus
    6. Post Elevationem - Memento, salutis auctor, quod nostri
    7. Agnus - Quem vidistis, pastores?
    8. Deo Gratias - O admirabile commercium!

Performers: Robert Harre Jones, Charles Daniels, Angus Smith, Donald Grieg

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: September 1993

Loyset Compère (c.1445-1518) was one of the leading composers of the last generation to write in the freely contrapuntal idiom. The opening quasi-isorhythmic motet on this disc, Compère's earliest surviving composition, is one of the last great evocations of that style, paying hommage directly to Dufay. Compère worked in every genre of the time, and this recording also includes examples of more imitative motets, chansons in the grand manner, rustic chansons (a genre at which Compère was one of the pioneers), frottole, and a mass-motet cycle. The latter genre enjoyed a brief vogue in Milan.

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Todd M. McComb