I Fagiolini - Robert Hollingworth
Metronome 1004


  1. Nicolas Gombert: J'ay mis mon cuer (8 voices)
  2. Mateo da Flecha: La Bomba, extracts (4 voices)
  3. Sigismondo d'India: Dispietata pietate (5 voices)
  4. Monteverdi: Vago augelletto (7 voices, 2 violins, theorbo, harpsichord)
  5. Anon (16th c.): Hey trolly loly lo (3 voices, 3 voices)
  6. Janequin: La Chasse, part 2 (7 voices)
  7. Don Fernando de las Infantas: Loquebantur variis linguis (8 voices)
  8. Monteverdi: Audi coelum (7 voices, theorbo, organ)
  9. Purcell: Sweeter than roses (voice, theorbo)
  10. J.S. Bach: Singet dem Herrn, 3rd movement (4 voices, 4 voices, organ)
  11. Debussy: Dieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder! (4 voices)
  12. Britten: A death (5 voices)
  13. Tippett: Early one morning (4 voices)
  14. Roderick Williams: Is 5, sonnet no.2 (5 voices, 3 speakers)
  15. William Brooks: Nellie was a lady (4 voices)
  16. Sondheim/Williams: Losing my mind (6 voices)

Performers: Anna Crookes, Carys Lane (sopranos), Robin Blaze, Richard Wyn Roberts (countertenors), Hugh Wilson, Nicholas Hurndall Smith, (tenors), Roderick Williams (baritone), Matthew Brook, Patrick Ardagh-Walter (basses), Elizabeth Kenny (theorbo), David Burchall (harpsichord, organ), Fiona Duncan, Timothy Cronin (baroque violins), David Clasen (baritone), Robert Hollingworth (voice)

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: February 1994

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Todd M. McComb