Papal Court

Popes & Antipopes
Music for the Courts of Avignon & Rome
Orlando Consort
Metronome 1008


  1. Gloria, Clemens deus artifex tota clementia (c.1350)
  2. Pictagore per dogmata / O terra sancta / Rosa vernans (1374-1376)
  3. Mayheut de Joan: Inclite flos orti Gebenensis (1380s)
  4. Egidius: Courtois et sages (1380s)
  5. Philipoctus de Caserta: Par les bons Gedeon (1380s)
  6. Ciconia: O Petre, Christi discipule (1409)
  7. Bartolomeus de Bononia: Arte psalentes (1410s)
  8. Velut: Benedicta viscera / Ave mater gratie / Ora pro nobis (1410s)
  9. Ciconia: Gloria Suscipe Trintas (1410s)
  10. Tapissier: Eya dulcis / Vale placens (1410s)
  11. Antonio de Civitate: Clarus ortu / Gloriosa mater (1421)
  12. Nicolaus Zacharie: Già per gran nobeltà (c.1420)
  13. Brassart: Te dignitas presularis (c.1425)
  14. Dufay: Balsamus et munda cera (1431-1433)
  15. Dufay: Supremum est (1433)
  16. Dufay: Ecclesie militantis (c.1431)

Performers: Robert Harre Jones, Charles Daniels, Angus Smith, Don Greig

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: September 1994 (BBC Broadcast)

The theme of this recording is the era of the Babylonian Captitivy at Avignon and the later Great Schism (1317-1447), specifically pieces associated with either Papal court during the period.

Approximate dates for compositions are given parenthetically in the contents list. Pieces not prefixed with a composer are anonymous. Tracks 3, 4, 5, 7 seem to be premiere recordings of rare Ars Nova works.

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Todd M. McComb