Flow my teares

Dowland Songs - Volume I
Flow my teares
Paul Agnew / Christopher Wilson
Metronome 1010


    The first booke of songs (1597)
  1. Awake, sweet love thou art returned
  2. Goe crystall teares
  3. If my complaints could passions move
  4. Come agin: sweet love doth now invite
  5. Can she excuse my wrongs with vertues cloak?
  6. Deare, if you change, ile never chuse again
  7. All je whom love or fortune hath betraid
  8. Sleep wayaward thoughts

  9. The second booke of songs (1600)
  10. Flow my teares fall from your springs
  11. If fluds of teares could cleanse my follies past
  12. Fine knacks for ladies, cheape, choise, brave and new
  13. I saw my lady weepe
  14. Tymes eldest sonne, old age the heire of ease
  15. Then sit thee downe, & say the Nunc demittis
  16. When others sings Venite exultemus
  17. Come ye heavie states of night
  18. Shall I sue, shall I seeke for grace
  19. Sorrow sorrow stay, lend true repentant teares

Performers: Paul Agnew (tenor), Christopher Wilson (lute)

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: March 1995 (Gloucestershire)

A very nice series for the straight voice & lute approach....

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