Concordia - Crye

Crye - Musical tears and meditations from the English Golden Age
Concordia - Mark Levy
Metronome 1020


  1. Holborne: Pavana Ploravit
  2. Holborne: The teares of the Muses
  3. Tye: Crye
  4. Sumarte (fl.c.1630): Lachrimae
  5. Hume: Captain Hume's Lamentations
  6. Stonings (fl.c.1600): Miserere
  7. Tallis: Felix namque
  8. Hume: I am melancholy
  9. Robert Johnson: A knell of Johnson
  10. Weelkes: Lachrimae Pavan
  11. Tye: Rachell's weepinge

  12. Lawes: Consort set in c minor
  13. Fantasy
  14. Aire
  15. Pavan
  16. Aire

Performers: Mark Levy, Joanna Levine, Catherine Finnis, Jonathan Manson, Emilia Benjamin (viols); Gary Cooper (virginals, organ)

Playing time: 67'

Release date: 1997

Unusually, the packaging for this CD contains a separate booklet consisting of a narrative poem by Glyn Maxwell (b.1962) inspired by this music, and accompanied with WWI woodcuts by Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945). The idea is an unusual one, to be sure, but it must be emphasized that the music is entirely period.

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Todd M. McComb