Renaissance Italian Lute Virtuosi

Fantasia de mon triste
Renaissance Lute Virtuosi of Rome and Venice
Christopher Wilson
Metronome 1025


    Francesco Spinacino (fl.1507)
  1. Recercare
  2. Malor me bat
  3. Recercare
  4. Adieu mes amours
  5. Recercare

  6. Vincenzo Capirola (1474-c.1548)
  7. Padoana
  8. Recercare Primo
  9. De tous biens pleine
  10. Et in terra
  11. Qui tollis

  12. Francesco da Milano (1497-1543)
  13. Ricercar 88
  14. Fantasia 33
  15. De mon triste desplaisir
  16. Fantasia 36 de mon triste
  17. Ricercar 34 La Compagna
  18. Ricercar 84
  19. Fantasia 28
  20. Las ye me plains
  21. Fantasia 31
  22. Ricercar 9
  23. Ricercar 12

Previously issued as Hyperion 66233

Playing time: 50'

Recording date: August 1985 (London)

This is a fine program, again emphasizing Francesco da Milano who was unanimously hailed as the greatest lutenist of the time. The works of Spinacino appeared in the first commerical publication devoted exclusively to instrumental music, and so offer a distinct point of history.

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