Lawes: Knock'd on the Head

Lawes: Knock'd on the Head
Concordia - Mark Levy
Metronome 1045


    Consort Sett a6 in F major
  1. Fantazy
  2. Aire
  3. Fantazy
  4. Aire

  5. Lyra viol trio in d minor
  6. Fantazy
  7. Pavan
  8. Alman
  9. Catch Hark jolly lads
  10. Catch Come my lads

  11. Consort Sett a6 in g minor
  12. Pavan
  13. Fantazy
  14. Aire
  15. Catch Whither go ye
  16. Catch The wise men were but seven

  17. Lyra viol trio in D major
  18. Fantazy
  19. Humor
  20. Saraband

  21. Consort Sett a6 in Bb major
  22. Fantazy
  23. Aire
  24. In Nominy

Performers: Mark Levy (treble viol, lyra viol), Veli-Markus Tapio (treble viol, lyra viol), Joanna Levine (tenor viol, lyra viol), Emilia Benjamin (tenor viol), Reiko Ichise (bass viol), Alison McGillivray (bass viol), Gary Cooper (organ)

Playing time: 59'

Recording date: September 2001 (Suffolk)

The catches have been arranged for lyra viols.

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Todd M. McComb