Raphael - The Music of the Courtier

Raphael - The Music of the Courtier
Orlando Consort / Concordia / I Fagiolini / Christopher Wilson
Metronome MET CD 1075


  1. Victimae paschali (Josquin Desprez, 1480-1520)
  2. A l'heure que je vous
  3. J'ay pris amours (Heinrich Isaac, c.1450-1517)
  4. Crux triumphans (Loyset Compere, c.1450-1518)
  5. Che fa la ramacina
  6. Scaramella
  7. Recercare (Francesco Spinacino, fl. 1507)
  8. Malor me bat
  9. Dilla da l'acqua (Frnacesco Patavino, c.1497--1556)
  10. Mentre io vo per questi boschi (Marchetto Cara, 1465-1525)
  11. Ricercar (Francesco da Milano, 1497-1543)
  12. Ricercar La Compagna

  13. Mass (Heinrich Isaac)
  14. Introitus
  15. Graduale
  16. Prosa
  17. Communio

Playing time: 62' 18"

Orlando Consort
Robert Harre Jones (countertenor); Charles Daniels, Angus Smith (tenors); Donald Greig (bass)
Concordia - Mark Levy
Mark Levy, Jonathan Manson, Catherine Finnis, Joanna Levine (viols)
I Fagiolini - Robert Hollingworth
Robin Blaze (countertenor); Hugh Wilson, Nicholas Hurndall Smith (tenors); Robert Hollingworth, Roderick Williams (baritones)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [2004 or prior];
Rel. 2004


It is unclear if this is new material or not, but it seems to be a reissue compilation. Information from Allegro & Jorge Salazar.

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