Missa Transfigurationis

Missa Transfigurationis
Libellus confraternitatis Transfigurationis Domini in ecclesia Tornacensi
Tournai, XVe - XVIe siècles
Psallentes - Hendrik Vanden Abeele
Musique en Wallonie 1576


    In vigiliam
  1. Répons: Sacratissimum salutis
  2. Antienne: Visionem et Magnificat primi toni (polyphony by Févin)
  3. Antienne: Hodie Dominus
  4. Antienne: Hodie ad Patris

  5. Suffragia
  6. De Trinitate - Antienne: Te Deum Patrem
  7. De Beata Virgine - Antienne: Ave Templum
  8. De Sancto Audeberto - Antienne: Sancte Audeberte
  9. De Omnibus Sanctis - Antienne: Beati estis

  10. Ad Missam - Missa Sancta trinitas
  11. Répons: Assumens Ihesus Petrum
  12. Introït: In excelso throno
  13. Kyrie (polyphony)
  14. Gloria (polyphony)
  15. Alleluia: Ascendit
  16. Séquence: Thabor superficie
  17. Credo (polyphony)
  18. Offertoire: Deus enim firmavit
  19. Offertoire: Deus enim omnium
  20. Sanctus (polyphony)
  21. Sanctus Vineux: Qui vertice
  22. Agnus Dei (polyphony)
  23. Communion: Revelabitur

  24. In fine misse
  25. Antienne: Benedicta sit
  26. Motet: Sancta Trinitas (polyphony by Févin)

Performers: Hendrik Vanden Abeele (baritone, direction), Rob Cuppens (countertenor), Jonathan De Ceuster (countertenor), Gunther Vandeven (countertenor), Niek Van den Dool (tenor), Greg Skidmore (baritone), Philippe Favette (bass), Arnout Malfliet (bass), Paul Mertens (bass)

Playing time: 66'

Recording date: September 2014 (Belgium); released: 2015

As the subtitle indicates, this music is from a confraternity at Tournai. The manuscript disappeared from Tournai Cathedral during WWII, but reappeared mysteriously in 2006. Polyphonic works, including the four-part mass (based on Févin's motet), are as noted; the remainder is plainsong.

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