Music of the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance

Music of the Late Middle Ages and Renaissance
The Festival Consort (San Diego) - Lawrence Selman, dir.
Musical Heritage Society MHS 1141 [LP]
Custom Fidelity CFS-2022 [LP]


  1. Viderunt

  2. Anon. (13th cent.):
  3. Motet: In seculum viellatoris (instr.)
  4. Motet: Hoquet (instr.)

  5. Neidhart von Reuental:
  6. Maienzeit

  7. Raimboult de Vaquieras:
  8. Kalenda maya

  9. Anon., Worcester Ms.:
  10. Sanctus et aeternus deus
  11. Alleluya, Alma jam ad gaudia

  12. Guillaume de Machaut:
  13. En amer a douce vie

  14. Francesco Landini:
  15. I'priego amor

  16. Guillaume de Machaut:
  17. De toutes flours

  18. Anon., Worcester Ms.:
  19. O Maria virgo pia

  20. Borlet:
  21. Ma tredol rosignol

  22. Anon., (from the collection of Pierre Phalese, 1573):
  23. Almande poussinghe

  24. Hans Leo Hassler:
  25. Nun fanget an ein guts Liedlein

  26. Malchinger.
  27. Schons Madlein, murr nur nit

  28. Sies, J.:
  29. Mich hat gross leid umgeben

  30. Tielman Susato:
  31. Ronde
  32. Hupfauf
  33. Ronde

  34. John Dowland:
  35. Mrs. Nichols almand

  36. J. Black:
  37. Report upon "When shall my sorrowful sighing slack"

  38. J. Moderne:
  39. Two branles de bourgoigne

  40. Jacobo da Bologna:
  41. Conquest of summer over winter

Playing time: 36' 07"

The Festival Consort (San Diego) - Lawrence Selman, dir.
Lawrence Selman (recorders, viols, krummhorns), John Curtiss (lute, recorder, cittern, percussion), William Lindley (viol, psaltery, percussion), William Matthews (recorders, krummhorns, shawm, mute cornett, bladderpipe), Frank Myers (recorders, krummhorns, kortholt, bells, percussion)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [06/1969]; rel. 1972

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Information from IUCAT & Jorge Salazar.

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