Gagliano - La Dafne

Marco da Gagliano - La Dafne
New York Pro Musica antiqua - George Houle, dir.
Musical Heritage Society MHS 1953/4 [LPx2, stereo]


    Marco da Gagliano: La Dafne


  1. Overture
  2. Prologue
  3. Scene I

  4. ----
  5. Scene II
  6. Scene III
  7. Scene IV
  8. LP-2

  9. Toccata
  10. Scene V

  11. ----
  12. Scene VI
  13. Scene VII

Playing time: ??' ??"

New York Pro Musica antiqua [Ray DeVoll (tenor, Ovid, Tirsis), Daniel Collins (counter-tenor, Apollo), Elizabeth Humes (soprano, Cupid), Christine Whittlesey (soprano, Venus, Dafne), Rodney Godshall (bass, Shepherd), Ben Bagby (baritone, Shepherd), David Britton (tenor, Shepherd), Anne Tedards (soprano, Nymph), Nancy Long (mezzo-soprano, Nymph), Stan Charkey (lute), Wendy Gillespie (bass viola da gamba), Shelley Gruskin (flute, recorder), David Hart (flute, recorder, lute), Frederick Renz (harpsichord, organ)] - George Houle, dir.

Recording site and date:
unknown [1973]; Rel.: 1974 (?)

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Information kindly provided by Jeff Vilencia.
It is noteworthy to find in the performers the name of Benjamin Bagby (future Sequentia).

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