Colección de Música Antigua Española /13

Spanish vihuelists of the 16th century III
Jorge Fresno
Hispavox HHS 23 [LP, Spain]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 3331 [LP, USA]


    Luys de Narvaez
  1. Fantasia IX, in mode I
  2. Fantasia XIV, in mode I
  3. Cancion III
  4. Four diferencias on the hymn "Sacris Solemniis"
  5. Four diferencias on "Guardame las vacas"
  6. Three diferencias, in another part, on "Guardame las vacas"
  7. Twenty-two diferencias on "Conde claros"
  8. Baxa de contrapunto

  9. Diego Pisador
  10. Pavana (unadorned)
  11. "Dezilde al cavallero que..."
  12. Six villanescas

  13. Esteban Daza
  14. Old villancico, "Dame acogida"
  15. Fantasia XV with glosa, in Mode II
  16. Fantasia XIX, in mode I
  17. Glosa
  18. Fantasia XXII, in mode II.

Playing time: 45'

Jorge Fresno (vihuela in G)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1974 or prior]; rel.: 1974 [LP - Hispavox]

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Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):

Reissued in Musical Heritage Society MHS 1894, 3077, 3208 & 3331 [LPx4, USA]

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