Cantiguo Antiguo

Cantiguo Antiguo performs Spanish music of the Middle Ages & Renaissance
Cantiguo Antiguo
Musical Heritage Society MHS 3693 [LP]


The exact content is not known; the following details are from Indiana University catalogue:

Vocal and instrumental music, principally from the collections Codex Calixtinus, Cantigas de Santa Maria, and Cancionero de Palacio;
Cantiguo Antiguo.
Durations on container.
Program notes by R. Biddle on container; continuation of notes and English translations and synopses of the music by M. McGahn ([4] p.) inserted.
"Recorded July 1976 in Mabel Shaw Bridges Hall of Music ... Pomona College Music Department."

Playing time: ??' ??"

Cantiguo Antiguo

Recording site and date:
Mabel Shaw Bridges Hall of Music ... Pomona College Music Department [06/1976]

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