Johannes Ockeghem - The Motets

Johannes Ockeghem - The Motets
Cappella Nova - Richard Taruskin, dir.
Musical Heritage Society MHS 4179 [LP]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 41 4179H [CD]


    Antoine Busnois
  1. Motet: In hydraulis

  2. Johannes Ockeghem:
  3. Motet: Alma Redemptoris
  4. Motet: Intemerata Dei
  5. Motet: Salve Regina I
  6. Motet: Salve Regina II
  7. Motet: Ave Maria
  8. Motet: Caeleste beneficium
  9. Motet: Gaude Maria

Playing time: 56' ??"

Performers: Cappella Nova - Richard Taruskin, dir.

Recording site and date:
Saint James Chapel, Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York [05/1979]

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