Ein Fest im Palast des umbrischen Grafen Pierbaldo im Jahre 1400

Ein Fest im Palazzo des umbrischen grafen pierbaldo im Jahre 1400 - A banquet in the palace of the umbrian count pierbaldo in the year 1400 - Une fête au palais du comte pierbaldo d'ombrie en 1400
Les menestrels - wiener ensemble für alte musik
Mirror music 00002 [LP]


  1. La Manfredina

  2. Francesco Landino, Squarcialupi codex
  3. Gran piant' agli occhi ...

  4. Bartolinus de Padua
  5. La dolce cera

  6. Johannes Ciconia
  7. O rosa bella ...

  8. Anon.
  9. Stantipes

  10. Gregorian
  11. Hymn: Jesu redemptor ...

  12. Ghirardellus de Florentia (now attr. to Paolo da Firenze)
  13. Benedicamus Domino ...

  14. Maestro Piero
  15. Con bracchi assai

  16. -----
    Ghirardellus de Florentia
  17. Tosto que l'alba

  18. Anon.
  19. Salterello

  20. Laurentius de Florentia
  21. A poste messe ...

  22. Johannes Ciconia
  23. Cacciando un giorno

  24. Johannes de Florentia
  25. Per larghi prati ...

  26. Anon.
  27. Istampita Gaetta

Florence, Medicea Laurenziana pal. 87 (codex squarcialipi)
Florence, Bibl. Naz., Panciatichiano 26
Rome, Bibl. Vat., Rossiano 215
London, Brit. Mus., add. 29987

Playing time: ??' ??"

Les menestrels - wiener ensemble für alte musik [Marie Thérèse Escribano (voice), Klaus Walter (lute, woodwinds), Michel Walter (brass, woodwinds), Alfred Hertel (reed instruments), Eva Brunner (treble strings), Karl Krumpöck (tenor strings)]
Instruments listed:
Fiddles, rebec, drone fiddles, quinterne, harp, cornett, slide-trumpet, treble shawm, shawms, crumhorns, bag-pipe, recorders, galoubet, portativ organ, drum, nakers, tambourine, cymbels, jingle bells, friction drums.

Recording site and date:
Vienna, Studio Austrophon [1973 or prior]; rel. 1973

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):

Information from owned LP, previously kindly provided by Robert Horres. See also Tudor 0501 [LP] Das Fest der Pierbaldo (Le Festin de Pierbaldo) nach dem sonettenkranz "Mundus Placidus" des Simon d'Orvieto; this LP is nearly identical, but it was recorded in 1970 or prior, and this one in 1973.
Klaus Walter states in a personal e-mail: "There exists another LP that we recorded for TUDOR records earlier. It is about the same, as far to the programme, but without the sonnet of Prudenciani. This was not planned like that, because without the words, the program is senseless. Therefore we did not agree, that the LP would be issued in this form, but we allowed TUDOR to sell the 500 records already pressed.".

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