Pro Musica I

Pro Musica I - Ensemble of Old Music
Live recordings of outstanding Musicians - G. Dufay, A. Agricola, H. Brumel, H. Isaac, J. Despréz
Pro Musica New York - Noah Greenberg, cond.
Melodya C10 23417 002 (matrix number: 23417 / 23418) [LP]


    Guillaume Dufay
  1. Kyrie "Orbis factor"
  2. Bonjour, bon mois
    Malheureulx cuer

  3. Alexander Agricola
  4. Je n'ay dueil

  5. Antoine Brumel
  6. Vray Dieu d'amor

  7. Heinrich Isaac
  8. A la battaglia

  9. ----
    Josquin Desprez
  10. Motet: Planxit autem David
  11. Bergerette Savoyenne
    Petite camusette
  12. Motet: Tulerunt Dominum meum
    Motet: Benedicta coelorum regina

Playing time: 24' 34" + 24' 55" = 49' 29" app.

New York Pro Musica [Sheila Schonbrun (soprano), Elizabeth Humes (soprano), Ray DeVoll (tenor), Earnest Murphy (counter-tenor, tenor), Arthur Burrows (baritone), Brayton Lewis (baritone), LaNoue Davenport (recorders, shawms, cornet), Shelley Gruskin (recorders), Judith Davidoff (viola da gamba, fiddle), Edward Smith (harpsichord, positif organ, regal), Robert Montesi (cornet), Judith Martin (discant oboe), Ronald Roseman (alto oboe), Donald Plesnikar (tenor oboe, recorders), Arnold Fromme (sackbuts), Arnold Grayson (recorders, cornet), Kenneth Wollitz (bassoons, recorders), Frederick King (percussion)] - Noah Greenberg, cond.

Recording site and date:
Live at the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire [October 7th, 1964]
rel.: 1986.

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Information from owned LP.
This is one of three LPs recorded in Moscow in october 1964, the two others being Melodya C10 23415 008 and Melodya C10 23413 003.
The performers listings on 3 LPs are identical and many names are obviously mispelled, so probably the list above is too comprehensive for this LP.

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