Italyanskiye tantsy: (rukopisi XIV v.). Liturgicheskaya drama "Tractus stellae": (rukopis' iz Zagreba, XI v)

Italian dances (from a XIVth c. Ms) & Liturgical drama "Tractus Stellae" (from an XIth c. Ms)
Hortus Musicus
Melodiya S10 28697-007 [LP Stereo]


    Side 1
    Italian dances (from 14th c. Mss.): Ghaetta, Isabella, Saltarello, La Manfredina [All compositions played attacca]
    Side 2
    Liturgical drama "Tractus Stellae" (from Ms. MR 165, Zagreb, 11th c., edited & arranged by Mico Demovich)

Playing time: 24' 11" + 24' 12" = 48' 23"

Early Music Consort "Hortus Musicus" - Andres Mustonen, dir.

Recording site and date:
Tallinn [1988]; released: 1989

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Information from IUCAT, Arvo Kartul, and Sergey Lebedev.

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Pierre-F. Roberge