Falling through Time

Falling through Time
Move MCD 071 [CD]


  1. Quant je sui mis (Guillaume de Machaut) [voice, recorder, lute]
  2. Douce dame jolie (Machaut) [voice, recorder, gittern, percussion]
  3. Dança Amorosa, La manfredina (Italian, 14th Cent.) [fiddle, recorder, 'oud, percussion]
  4. Kalenda Maya (Raimbault de Vaqueiras) [voice, fiddle, recorder, bagpipes]
  5. Tant m'abelis (Folquet de Marselha) [voice, lute]
  6. Double estampie (England, c.1320) [recorder, gittern, percussion]
  7. Imperayritz - Verges ses par (14th Cent.) [voices, recorder, harp]
  8. Saltarello (Italy, 14th Cent.) ['oud, gittern, percussion]
  9. La rosa (Spain, 15th Cent.) [voice, lute]
  10. Though some saith (King Henry VIII) [voices, recorders, lute]
  11. Je n'ay point plus (Claudin de Sermisy)
    Lute intabulation (Pierre Attaingnant) (voices, lute)
  12. O my heart / Consort viii (Henry VIII) [voices, recorder, lute]
  13. Stonecutter / Greensleeves (Trad. England) [voice, recorder, lute]
  14. What if I never speed (John Dowland) [voice, recoredr, lute]
  15. His golden locks (Dowland) [voice, recorder, lute]
  16. Rest awhide, you cruel cares (Dowland) [voices, lute]

Playing time: 55' 36"

Megan Aplin (voice, recorder, percussion), Jenni Cargill (voice, percussion, 'oud, drone), Alexander Cronin (lute, fiddle, gittern, bagpipes, harp, voice), Matthew Ridley (recorders, gittern, voice)
Guest: David Starr (bass drum)

Recording site and date:
Chapel of All Saints Anglican School on the Gold Coast & Old Darlington School, Sydney University, Australia [07 & 08/1995];
Rel. 1996

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Jorge Salazar