Pastance: Joy

Move MCD 129 [CD]


  1. De Spiritu Sancto (Hildegard von Bingen, 1098-1179) [2 voices, harp, rebec drone]
  2. Dame, vostre doulze viaire
    Comment qu'a moy (Guillame de Machaut, 1300-1377)
    [2 voices, vielle, recorder, oud drone, daff]
  3. Personent hodie (Anon., German, 1360) [4 voices, harp, recorder, daff, bells]
  4. Ochi dolenti mie (Francesco Landini, 1325-1397) [lute]
  5. Eya, martyr Stephane (Anon., English, 15th C.) [4 voices, gittern, recorder]
  6. Senti tu d'amour (Donato da Firenze, 14th C.) [vielle, recorder]
  7. Ochi dolenti mie (Landini) [voice, harp, recorder]
  8. Alleluia (A. Cronin) [harp]
  9. Now well may we mirthes make (Anon., English, 15th C.) [2 voices, harp, recorder]
  10. Cara mie donna (Landini) [2 voices, harp, recorder]
  11. Tre douce dame (Machaut)
    Two ballades (Anon., trouvère, 13th C.)
    [vielle, recorder, dumbek, tambourine, bells]
  12. Veni, electa mea (York fragments, 15th C.) [2 voices]
  13. Nowell sing we (Anon., English, 15th C.) [4 voices, daff]
  14. Alleluya psallat (School of Worcester, 14th C.) [voice, gittern, recorders, daff]
  15. Puzzle canon (John Dunstable, d.1453) [harp, recorder]
  16. Mariam matrem virginem (Anon., Llibre Vermell, 14th C.) [3 voices, harp, recorder]
  17. If love now reigned (King Henry VIII, 1491-1547) [lute]
  18. The Death of Queen Jane (traditional) [2 voices, lute, recorder]
  19. La Magdalena - Bass dance (Pierre Attaignant, 1543) [lute, daff]
  20. Black is the colour (traditional) [3 voices, lute, recorders]
  21. Time stands still (John Dowland, 1562-1626) [voice, lute]
  22. O Virtus Sapientiae (Hildegard von Bingen) [voice, vielle, recorder]

Playing time: 60' 21"

Megan Cronin (voice, recorder, percussion), Jenni Cargill (voice, percussion, oud drone), Alexander Cronin (lute, vielle, gittern, harp, voice), Matthew Ridley (recorders, rebec drone, voice)

Recording site and date:
John Lingard Hall, Canberra Boys Grammar School, Australia [04/1998];
Rel. 1999

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Jorge Salazar