Passion, Pestilence and Polyphony

Passion, Pestilence and Polyphony
Music from the Fourteenth Century
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  1. Me lykyth ever the lenger
  2. Trew on wam
  3. Saltarello
  4. Je sui aussi
  5. Puis qu'en oubli
  6. Belicha
  7. Ecco la primavera
  8. Agnus Dei
  9. Estampie (Robertsbridge codex)
  10. Lou Lou Lou
  11. Trotto
  12. Doulz amis
  13. J'aim sans penser laidure
  14. Donnez signeurs
  15. De 'poni amor a me
  16. Quand je sui
  17. Douce dame jolie

Performers: Anne Marie Summers (bagpipes, voice, recorder, hurdy gurdy, harp), Steve Tyler (hurdy gurdy, gothic harp, citole, hammered dulcimer), Helen Barber (voice), Terry Mann (tapan, darabouka, dumbek, frame drum, duf, reque, voice)

Playing time: 69'

Release date: 2006

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