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Early Music
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Muse-Eek 120


  1. Hildegard: De Virginibus O Nobilissima Viriditas
  2. Dufay: Vergine Bella
  3. Monteverdi: Canzonet No. 1
  4. Monteverdi: Canzonet No. 2
  5. Monteverdi: Canzonet No. 3
  6. Anon., chant: Gaudeamus Omnes
  7. Anon., ancient Greek: Epitaph of Seikilos
  8. Perotin: Alleluya Nativitas
  9. John of Damascus: Ode from the Kanon for Easter Sunday

Performers: Bruce Arnold (electric guitar), John Gunther (flute, soprano & tenor saxophones, bass clarinet), Kirk Discoll (percussion), Mike Richmond (string bass, cello)

Playing time: 54'

Copyright date: 2004

The program consists of jazz arrangements of these early music tunes.

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Todd M. McComb