Musiques africaines

Musiques africaines
Various performers
Musique de tous les temps MTT 44-45 [LP, 45rpm, 17cm]


    Trad., Africa
  1. Landgba Lullaby: "Di koukou sya li ya" (South A.)
  2. Gbannou initiation song: "yakoyo" (South-west A.)
  3. Ngbaka satirical song: "Kunda e" (Turtle's song) (South-West A.)
  4. Langba song of fear: "Ya ya timiki" (South A.)
  5. Ba-benzele Pygmies hunters'music: Ba-benzele: "Hindewhou" (South-west A.)
  6. Patri song on a funeral site: "Mi yola mona ndeyo" (South A.)
  7. Ba-benzele Pigmies' laments: "Yimbo" (South-east)
  8. Mandja fetishist's song: "Seto" (West)
  9. Rounga funeral song: "Ya yao" (North)

Playing time: ??' ??".

[1] Women's voice
[2] Children's voice
[3] Men's voice & harp
[4] 2 men's voice, mixed choir, bell, bottle, small bells
[5] Whistle, hands clapping, metallic pieces
[6] Men's voice, mixed choir, 2 xylophones, "maza", metallic small bells "ngombo", lips drum "ngoungou"
[7] yodel: men's voice, metal pieces
[8] Men's voice, mixed choir, xylophone
[9] Mixt choir, drum, tub

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1967 or prior]

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