Musique et danse au Cambodge

Musique et danse au Cambodge
Various performers
Musique de Tous les Temps MTT 50-51 [LP, 45rpm, 17cm]


    Introduction to instruments: the Roneat-Ek, the Roneat-Thung, the Kong-Touch & the Kong-Thom

  1. Phleng: excerpt played with the dance " the promenade of a princess"
  2. Dance of the Apsaras
  3. Traditional song
  4. Solo of mouth organ: m'boat
  5. Introduction to instruments: (variety music): the Tro Khmer, the Cha-Pey, the Takkhê

  6. Orchestra of Phleng-Khmer
  7. Orchestra Mohori
  8. Yike song
  9. Buddhic plainsong

Playing time: ??' ??".

[1] Orchestra Pin-Peat of Siem Reap
[2] Royal Ballet, mixt choir and Orchestra Pin-Peat.
[3] Femnale voices, one-string viella, tro-u, Roneat-ek & 1 mono-string: the "sadev"
[4] Mountain peoples of Buneur (Notheastern Cambodia)
[5] Wedding orchestra
[6] Orchestra Mohori
[7] Choir of young girls with drum
[8] Kienchrey monastery

Recording site and date:
Cambodia [1969 or prior]

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