A Medieval Christmas

A Medieval Christmas
Pro Cantione Antiqua & Medieval Wind Ensemble
Alto ALC 1004 [CD]


    Anon., English, 13th c.
  1. Ductia

  2. Anon., Franconian, 13th c.
  3. Alle psallite cum luya

  4. Anon., French 14/15th c.
  5. Portugaler

  6. Anon., English, 13/14th c.
  7. Angelus ad Virginem

  8. Gregorian chant
  9. Introitus: Puer natus est nobis (In Nativitate Domini ad tertiam Missam)

  10. Anon., French, 13th c.
  11. In seculum breve

  12. Anon., French, 13th c., song of the Ass
  13. Orientis partibus

  14. Anon., English, 13th c.
  15. Ductia

  16. Anon., French 12th c.
  17. Verbum patris

  18. Anon., French, 12/13th c.
  19. E semine rosa

  20. Anon., English, 13/14th c.
  21. Alleluia Psallat

  22. Anon., English, 14/15th c.
  23. This yol

  24. Anon., English, 13th c.
  25. Edi beo thu, hevene-queene

  26. Anon., English 15th c.
  27. Ecce quod natura

  28. Anon., English 15th c.
  29. Nova, nova

  30. Anon., English 15th c.
  31. Goday my Lord Syre Cristemasse

  32. Anon., French, 13th c.
  33. Danse real

  34. Pérotin
  35. Beata viscera

  36. Gregorian chant
  37. Graduale: Viderunt omnea (In Nativitate domini ad tertiam Missam)

  38. Anon., French, 13th c.
  39. Virgo

  40. Anon., English, 13th c.
  41. Beata viscera

  42. Gregorian chant
  43. Offertorium: Tui sunt coeli (In Nativitate domini ad tertiam Missam)

  44. Gregorian chant
  45. Communio: Viderunt omnes

  46. Anon., English, 14/15th c.
  47. Quene note

  48. Gilles Binchois
  49. A solis ortus

  50. Gregorian chant
  51. Hymnus: Aeterna Christi munera

  52. John Hothby
  53. Tard il mio cor

  54. Anon., English, 15th c.
  55. Ther ys no rose

  56. Anon., English, 15th c.
  57. Nowel, synge we both al and som

  58. Anon., English, 15th c.
  59. Nowel, nowel, nowel: Owt of your slepe aryse and awake

  60. Anon., English, 15th c.
  61. Hayl Mary, full of grace

  62. Anon., English, 15th c.
  63. Synge we to thys mery cumpane

Playing time: 65' 48"

Pro Cantione Antiqua:
Charles Brett (conter-tenor), Timothy Penrose (conter-tenor), James Griffett (tenor), Neil Jenkins (tenor), Ian Partridge (tenor), Brian Etheridge (bass), Michael George (bass)
Medieval Wind Ensemble:
Peter Davies (recorders, doucaine, bombarde, bagpipes), Jonathan Morgan (recorders, doucaine, shawn), Andrew van der Beek (recorders, doucaine, shawn, sackbut), Mark Brown (tabor, timbrel)
Mark Brown, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1986];
Rel.: 2006

[1]-[4], [6]-[18], [20]-[21], [24]-[25], [27]-[32] Innovative Music Productions-PCD 844 [CD] Medieval Christmas
[5], [19], [22]-[23], [26] Musick's Monument 303660087 [CD] A Gregorian Feast. (Also Carlton Classics).

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 84/1013-64 (Dec. 2006)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 31/2-301 (Nov./Dec. 2007)

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