Jenkins: Fantasias, Pavans & Airs

Jenkins: Fantasias, Pavans & Airs in Four Parts
The Spirit of Gambo
Musica Ficta 8019


  1. Fantasia VI in d
  2. Fantasia XXVI in a (w/ organ)
  3. Fantasia X in a
  4. Air XIII in C
  5. Pavan XXVII in a (w/ organ)
  6. Fantasia XV in C (w/ organ)
  7. Fantasia I in c
  8. Air I in g
  9. Pavan IX in F
  10. Galliard XXIV in D (w/ organ)
  11. Pavan I in d
  12. Fantasia XXXI in Bb (w/ organ)
  13. Air II in g (w/ organ)
  14. Fantasia XVII in F

Performers: Freek Borstlap (treble viol), Gesina Liedmeier (tenor & treble viols), Thomas Baeté (tenor & bass viols), Ivanka Neeleman (bass viol); Haru Kitamika (organ)

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: June 2012 (Haarlem); released: 2013

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Todd M. McComb