Tye: In Nomine

Tye: Consort Music - In Nomine
The Spirit of Gambo - Freek Borstlap
Musica Ficta 8022


  1. Christus resurgens
  2. In nomine: Rachell's Weepinge
  3. In nomine: Farewell my good one for ever
  4. In nomine: Free for all
  5. In nomine: Re la re
  6. O lux beata Trinitas
  7. In nomine: Round
  8. In nomine: Hold fast
  9. In nomine: My deathe bedde
  10. In nomine: Follow me
  11. In nomine: Surrexit non est hic
  12. In nomine: Crye
  13. Amavit eum Dominus
  14. In Pace in idipsum (w/ voices)
  15. In nomine a 6 (w/ voice)
  16. In nomine a 4
  17. In nomine: Seldom sene
  18. In nomine: Weepe no moore Rachell
  19. In nomine: Reporte
  20. In nomine: Saye so
  21. Rubum quem
  22. In nomine
  23. In nomine: I come
  24. Lawdes Deo
  25. In nomine: Blamles
  26. In nomine: Trust
  27. Sit fast, prima pars
  28. Sit fast, secunda pars
  29. In nomine: Beleve me

Performers: Freek Borstlap (treble viol), Liam Fennelly (treble & tenor viol), Gesina Liedmeier (tenor viol), Ivanka Neeleman (tenor & bass viol), Thomas Baeté (bass viol, plainchant); Claren McFadden (soprano)

Playing time: 68'

Recording date: June 2014 (Haarlem); released: 2014

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Todd M. McComb