Pange Lingua

Josquin des Prez: Pange Lingua - Motets: Palestrina, Byrd, Lassus, Lotti - Carols
Catawba College Choir - Robert Weaver, dir.
Music Library MLR 7085 [LP]


    Josquin Desprez: Missa "Pange Lingua"
  1. Mass

  2. ----
    Giovanni Perluigi Palestrina
  3. Ad te levavi occulos meos

  4. Antonio Lotti
  5. Crucifixus

  6. Orlando di Lassus
  7. Ave verum corpus

  8. William Byrd
  9. Psallite Domino

  10. Anon., Evangelical and Reformed Hymnal: Hymn for Lent to Ascension:
  11. Lord, who throughout these forty days
  12. O sacred head now wounded
  13. Near the cross her vigil keeping
  14. Hail, Thou once despised Jesus

  15. Randall Thompson
  16. Alleluia

Playing time: ??' ??"

Catawba College Choir - Robert Weaver, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1956 or prior]

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Information from Medieval and Renaissance Music on Long-playing Records (p. 49) and IUCAT.

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