Brito: Officium Defunctorum

Estevão de Brito: Officium Defunctorum
Grupo Vocal Olisipo - Armando Possante
Movieplay Classics 3-11037


  1. Parce Mihi, Domine
  2. Responde Mihi
  3. Spiritus Meus Attenuabitur
  4. Introitus - Requiem Aeternam
  5. Kyrie
  6. Graduale - Requiem Aeternam
  7. Tractus - Absolve, Domine
  8. Offertorium - Domine Jesu Christe
  9. Sanctus
  10. Agnus Dei
  11. Communio - Lux Aeterna
  12. Ad Dimittendum - Requiescat in Pace
  13. Circumdederunt Me
  14. Homo Natus de Muliere
  15. Heu, Domine
  16. Libera Me, Domine
  17. Memento Mei
  18. Ad Dimittendum - Requiescat in Pace

Performers: Grupo Vocal Olisipo [Ana Cláudia Sousa (1st Soprano); Ana Paula Almeida (2nd Soprano); Elsa Cortez (1st Contralto); Catarina Saraiva (2nd Contralto); Sérgio Peixoto (1st Tenor); Armando Possante (Baritone); Hugo Oliveira (bass).]

Playing time: 55:15

Recording date: April 1995

This is the first recording devoted to the music of Estevão de Brito (1575?-1641), an important member of the last generation of Portuguese Renaissance composers. A pupil of Magalhães, he was born in Serpa around 1575 and was appointed chapelmaster of Badajoz Cathedral in 1597. From 1613 until his death he served as chapelmaster of Malaga Cathedral, in the archives of which survives all of his known music. He apparently wrote numerous villanelles, as well, but all of them have been lost.

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Christopher Schifani