Chartres, Millénaire, 1006-2006
La Maurache – L'Ensemble Fulbert de Chartres
Muza MU/EN 2006 FUL [CD]


    Fulbert « De Philomela » (t) / Julien Skowron (polyphonies)
  1. Aurea personet lyra

  2. Fulbert, Feast for the Nativity of Virgin Mary
  3. Responsory: Stirps Jesse

  4. Anon., 13th c., Ms Montpellier
  5. Motet: Flos filius (instr.)

  6. Fulbert
  7. Responsory: Solem justifiae

  8. Fulbert (attr.)
  9. Hymn: Psallat chorus I

  10. Francon de Cologne, ca 1260
  11. Hymn: Psallat chorus II

  12. Fulbert
  13. Hymn: Chorus novae

  14. Anon., Carmina Burana, 12th/13th c.
  15. Tempus transit gelidum

  16. Magister Perotinus, early 13th c.
  17. Organum / Motet: Ex Semine

  18. Anon., 10th c.
  19. Hymn (instr. conductus): Auctor salutis
    Anon., 9th c.
    Hymn (instr. conductus): Christe redemptor omnium
    Anon., 10th c.
    Hymn (instr. conductus): Sator princepsque

L'Ensemble Fulbert de Chartres
Thierry Colin (tenor), Nicolas Lhoste (tenor), Thibaud Mounier (tenor), Rémi Vanpeene (tenor), Jean Cyrille Frichot (baritone), Philippe Le Bliguet (baritone), Christophe Rasse (bass), Antoine de Servigny (bass)
La Maurache
Shinobu Tanaka (positive organ), Xavier Terrasa (wind instruments), Maxime Fiorani (percussions, wind instruments), Julien Skowron (bowed instruments)

Playing time: 30' 00"

Recording site and date:
Crypt, Cathedral of Chartres, France [04/2006];
Rel.: 2006

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