Island of St. Hylarion

The Island of St. Hylarion
Music of Cyprus: 1413-1422
Ensemble Project Ars Nova
New Albion 038


  1. Rondeau: Contre dolour (voice, harp)
  2. Canonic rondeau: Tousjours (lute, harp, 2 vielles, corno muto)
  3. Ballade: Aspre fortune (2 voices, vielle)
  4. Ballade: Qui de fortune (2 vielles, lute)
  5. Virelai: Je prens d'amour (voice, 2 vielles)
  6. Bonne e belle (lute)
  7. Rondeau: Qui n'a le cuer (2 voices)
  8. Ballade: J'ai mon cuer (2 vielles)
  9. Ballade: J'ai maintes fois (lute, harp)
  10. Ballade: Moult fort me plaist (voice, 2 vielles, lute)
  11. Danse d'Abroz (vielle, lute)
  12. Ballade: Pymalion qui moult subtilz estoit (voice, lute, harp)
  13. Motet: De magne Pater
    Ballade: Si doucement (lute, harp, 2 vielles)
  14. Antiphon: Anna parens matris (voices)
    Motet: Alma parens natal / O Maria stella maris (3 voices, slide trumpet)
  15. Antiphon: O Virgo virginum
    Motet: O sacra virgo virginum / Tu nati nata suscipe (voices)
  16. Antiphon: Hodie Christus natus est
    Motet: Hodie puer nascitur / Homo mortalis firmiter (voices)

Performers: Michael Collver (countertenor, corno muto), John Fleagle (tenor, harp) Shira Kammen (vielle), Laurie Monahan (mezzosoprano), Crawford Young (lute), Peter Becker (tenor), Karen Clark-Young (mezzosoprano), Randall Cook (vielle), Steven Lundahl (slide trumpet), Margaret Raines (mezzosoprano)

Playing time: 61'

Release date: 1991

All tracks are anonymous; the last three are from the famous cycle of Cypriot "O" antiphons.

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Todd M. McComb