Cranford: Consort Music

Cranford: Consort Music for 4, 5 and 6 viols
Le Strange Viols
New Focus "Olde Focus" 905


  1. Fantasia a6 no. 6
  2. Fantasia a6 no. 2
  3. Fantasia a6 no. 4
  4. Quadran Pavan a6
  5. Fantasia a6 no. 3
  6. Fantasia a6 no. 1
  7. Fantasia a6 no. 5
  8. Passamezzo Pavan a6
  9. Fantasia a4 no. 3
  10. Fantasia a4 no. 1
  11. Fantasia a4 no. 2
  12. Fantasia a4 no. 4
  13. Fantasia a5 no. 2
  14. Go From My Window a5
  15. Fantasia a5 no. 1
  16. In Nomine a5

Performers: Loren Ludwig (treble viol), John Mark Rozendaal (treble viol), Kivie Cahn-Lipman (tenor viol), James Waldo (tenor viol), Zoe Weiss (tenor & bass viols), Douglas Kelley (bass viol)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: unstated (New York); released: 2015

This would appear to be the first recording devoted to William Cranford (fl. c.1630). The music features many allusions to other, similar repertory of the period.

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Todd M. McComb